Climate, Energy, Environment

We are in a climate emergency. What kind of help do you need?

Do you need to inform, move and motivate your leaders, staff, customers or other stakeholders? Dr. Saxe gives powerful, inspiring presentations.

Read some testimonials here. See some examples on the Presentations page.

Do you need strategic and legal advice on how your organization can respond to the climate emergency? Dr. Saxe has helped many municipalities and other organizations understand their options and clarify their strategy.

Do you need an honest and deeply informed assessment of your current policies and practices? Dr. Saxe will give it to you, politely and frankly, with no greenwashing.

Do you need help negotiating a contract or a policy with a partner? Dr. Saxe has more than 45 years of negotiations expertise.

Note: Dr. Saxe charges for her time. Those who wish to have a free presentation are encouraged to show one of her many presentations available on the Presentations page. One free presentation a month can be provided to registered charities, first come, first served

Contact Dr. Saxe, [email protected]

Dr. Saxe has reopened her legal practice, focussed on the climate crisis.