Climate presentations

Dr. Saxe has delivered hundreds of highly praised public presentations on climate, energy, and environment. Some are available on YouTube. See testimonials here.

A typical comment: Your presentation was outstanding, and provoked much conversation at the break. Very interesting, and your slide deck was fantastic. You could hear a pin drop.

The webinar explaining each of my ECO reports is also available on my YouTube channel.

Free climate action talks

As the climate crisis gains speed, Dr. Saxe’s climate presentations are in high demand. If you want a free talk by Dr. Saxe, please show your audience one of the videos on this website.

Do you want to understand the explosion of #climate #litigation around the world? Watch my November 2021 lecture at the University of Toronto School of the Environment.

Do you want an introduction to the Green Party of Ontario Roadmap to Net Zero, the plan that sets the Canadian benchmark for practical, effective action on climate, environment and equity? Watch this free November 2021 webinar for an overview of the plan that answers many audience questions.

Climate crisis overview

Do you want an overview of the climate emergency, and what we should do about it? Here are three versions:

A. Here’s one given to the Danforth Jewish Circle in May 2020.

B. Here’s one given to the University of Toronto Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability course, May 2019. For those who want to jump to the parts that most interest them, here is the index:

  1. Climate changes everything, slides 2-22

2. Ontario was doing so much right, slides 23 – 30

3. What we can all do, slides 38-62 

C. Here is one in three 10-minute segments, designed for high school students:

Climate changes everything, part 1

Ontario was doing so much right, part 2

What we can all do, part 3


What can municipalities do about the climate crisis? Lots. Watch the special meeting of Kingston Council October 22, 2019 and in Hamilton on November 4, 2019. #carbonBudget #BikeLanes #StopSprawl #ProtectNature

What’s the role of waste and waste management? Watch my December 2019 talk about the role of waste in the climate crisis, given in Guelph, Ontario, to launch their new solid waste masterplan.

Corporations and their directors

Watch my Sept. 2019 talk on the duty of corporations to disclose their climate risks, and their vulnerability to lawsuits for climate damage, at Corporations on the Hotseat, Ryerson CSR Institute.

Read my lecture on Environmental Accountability in Ontario published by McGill Law School.

Toronto warming much faster than global average

Climate Presentation Slides

The Climate Crisis and LiabilitySlides from the November 2019 keynote address to Osgoode Hall Law School Alumni.

How municipalities can respond to the climate emergency, slides from my presentation in London Ontario in November 2019

The Climate Crisis and FoodSlides from the November 2019 keynote address to the Parry Sound Food Collaborative

How Science can influence Policy? Slides from the November 2019 keynote address to the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

Why Urban Sprawl is Ontario’s Oil SandsSlides from the October 2019 keynote to the Ontario Professional Planners’ Institute.

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