What do people say about Dianne Saxe?

Here are some of the moving testimonials reflecting on Dianne Saxe as a motivational climate speaker:

Your presentation was outstanding, and provoked much conversation at the break. Very interesting, and your slide deck was fantastic. You could hear a pin drop.

Thank you for an amazing day of information and candid conversations.  The impression left with staff will be long lasting.

I think I can speak not only for myself but my students when I say how very inspiring, valuable, and informative your message was! It was such an honor to have you in our class!

Wonderful Webinar…It left me very depressed until she said ‘No one can do everything but everyone can do one thing.  Well said! Thank you for the hope.

I like Dianne’s point about raising ‘climate change’ at every opportunity and making it the focus of our discussions and plans. And I like the advice on ‘simple clear messages repeated often by a variety of trusted voices’. That is my ‘aha’ moment…. Many thanks for a very full informative webinar!

I had a few ‘Aha’ moments.  I hadn’t realized what a large share of emissions comes from cars compared with other things like industrial emissions, which I assumed would be higher.  Making the connection with urban sprawl and (poor) city planning was good.  It was news to me (both positive and disheartening) to know that the Cap and Trade program was having good results before it was cancelled.  

Had the opportunity to hear Dianne speak at the Green Roofs for Healthy cities  conference…. What an inspiring woman…

I attended your Town Hall in Dundas… a mind blowing presentation. You provided relevant information our provincial government is failing to share – we are hungry for it.

I’ve spent some more time reading through the fact sheet. I am struck by the line: “Individual actions are not enough to protect our global climate, but they are a great place to start”…..

Your fact sheet: Climate Pollution: Reducing My Footprint is so clear and easy to understand. The information is exactly what people need to know to reduce their individual footprint and to understand the impact.

I really appreciated your presentation today… Hearing that your office was closing was very disconcerting to me and the impact of the budget on my government clients and the risk to Ontarians deepens my concern.

…..the webinar really drove home the importance of reducing our footprint by reducing the amount of pollution from our vehicles….

I know that giving up is not an alternative but I think your webinar really drove home the idea of our culture needing to change its short-sighted view of the world and this can be a massive undertaking.

Thank you for the enlightening presentation you gave last night. There were many new facts about Ontario’s situation for me…

…my main take-away was the dire situation Ontario is in with respect to land use planning, the prospect of increasing urban sprawl and associated environmental and lifestyle costs.

I consider that as Environmental Commissioner you have done great service to Ontario….

Thank you for your presentation. I found it very interesting, especially since it really focuses on the at-home aspect of climate change.

I listened with great interest to your webinar last night.  Thank you so much for taking the time to present such important information.  Though I had previously heard you on the CBC and was somewhat familiar with the issues you discussed, I learned a great deal.


Thank you for an excellent webinar….. As a grandmother concerned about her grandchildren…., I was especially touched by the idea to write a letter to them about what we are doing today to help their future. 

Thank you again for your passion.

Blessings on you and all working together for SIGNIFICANT change.