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Law Practice Reopening

Dr. Saxe is now in the process of reopening her environmental law practice, focussed on the climate and biodiversity crisis. It feels good to be back.


Some updates

Dear friends,

As you may have noticed, I’m giving even more climate talks now than I did as the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, with no staff to help me. The public response is amazing, thank you – see some comments in the Testimonials.

Lost my voice two weeks ago and have given at least 11 talks since then plus many media interviews and meetings. So I only occasionally manage to update this webpage, but got some new events posted today.

Also, if I’m slow in responding to tweets, emails, etc.: I am doing as much as I can. Feel free to keep trying until you reach me. November is a very busy month; December may be quieter.
Thank you very much to everyone for your support and kind words. I could not keep going without them.