Dr. Saxe has delivered hundreds of public presentations on climate, energy, and environment. The webinar explaining each of her ECO reports is available by clicking on the individual report pages, accessible from the Reports page.

As the climate crisis starts to gain speed, Dr. Saxe's climate emergency presentations have been in particular demand. Here's a video of one she gave to the University of Toronto Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability course, May 2019. For those who want to jump to the parts that most interest them, here is the index:

  • Climate changes everything, slides 2-22
    • Climate crisis already affecting Ontario, 2-18
    •  We need to get ready for what’s coming, 19-22
  • Ontario was doing so much right, slides 23 - 30
    • Not any more 31-37
  • What we can all do, slides 38-62
    • Reduce our own climate pollution, 41- 54
    • Get ready for what’s coming, 55
    • Speak up, 56 -61

If you prefer to see the talk in three 10-minute segments, they are available here:

Thank you to Kathy Garneau, the generous filmmaker, and to our hosts, St. Michael's.

A Sept. 2019 talk on the duty of corporations to disclose their climate risks, and their vulnerability to lawsuits for climate damage, can be watched here.

The text of a lecture on Environmental Accountability in Ontario has been published by McGill Law School.

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