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Dianne Saxe Green Economy Heroes podcast

Episode #GuestCompanyDescriptionA taste of the interviewGreen economy KeywordsDate 62Phil WintersGoodlot Farm and Farmstead BrewingMaking delicious, low-carbon, local craft beer with organic hops they grow themselves on their organic farmGood Lot Farmsbeer, craft beer, local food, sustainable food, organic, organic hops, low-carbon beer10/21/21 61Kevin McLaughlinZyggg, E-bike subscription serviceMaking it easy for lots of people to fall in love with zipping around on an electric bikeZygg Electric Bikese-bike, e-mobility, e-bicycle, seniors, low-carbon mobility, transportation, urban10/07/21 60Chandra RamaduraiEfficiency CapitalPerformance-based financing of water and energy upgrades for older buildings, toilets paying for boilersEfficiency CapitalFinance, upgrades, retrofits, performance-based financing, climate, green buildings, building retrofits, efficiency, energy efficiency, water09/23/21 59Sheena SharpCoolEarth ArchitectureDesigning buildings for the zero-carbon futureCoolEarthZero-carbon architecture, embodied carbon, geothermal, solar, mass timber, design09/09/21 58Arzeena HamirOrganic farming and leadership at Amara FarmHow an immigrant and mother started an organic farm, and a Farmers Institute, and got elected, and got $200 million of federal money for climate-smart farming Amara Farmorganic, agriculture, farming, land use, elected, municipal councillor, leadership, mentor, climate-smart farming08/26/21 57Remi DesaPantonium, On Demand Transit SoftwareAllowing small cities to both cut costs and improve transit service with existing busesPantoniumMunicipalities, transportation, on-demand transit, better bus service, low carbon municipalities, saving cost and carbon08/12/21 56Francisca QuinnQuinn & Partners, sustainability consultantsFast growing pioneer in sustainable investing for investors, sustainable operations for companiesQuinn and PartnersSustainable finance, green business, sustainability, management consulting, sustainability reporting, sustainability for CEOs07/29/21 55James LarsenE Zinc, Storing electricity in zincLong-duration electricity storage through chemical transformations of zincE ZincCleantech, batteries, renewable electricity, electricity storage, long duration storage, renewable energy, zinc07/15/21 54Chief Wilfred King and AJ EsquegaGiizis Energy at Kiashke Zaaging Anishinaabek (Gull Bay First Nation)Canada's first integrated solar microgrid displacing diesel in a remote community, environmental justice as part of reconciliationGull Bay First Nationsolar, renewable energy, diesel, indigenous, reconciliation, microgrid, batteries, green power06/30/21 53Jon LomowFieldless Farms, Growing great local lettuce indoorsSolving our world record lettuce deficit while saving carbon, water and healthFieldless FarmsFood, agriculture, food miles, food imports, indoor farming, food waste06/17/21 52Ajay KochharLi-Cycle, Truly recycling lithium ion batteriesFrom a standing start to one of the world's top cleantech companies in less than 5 yearsLi-CycleCircular economy, cleantech, lithium, batteries, recycling, materials, toxics, urban mining06/03/21 51Josh LewisNerva Energy, Energy efficiency for buildingsAward-winning approach to cutting building operating costs with current technologyNarva EnergyEnergy efficiency, multi-unit residential, building envelopes, building automation05/20/21 50David Isaac, WDuskGroupCommunity renewable energyRenewable energy, transformation, and reconciliation, especially for remote indigenous communitiesWDuskRenewable energy, solar, wind, reconciliation, modernization, self-sufficiency, Indigenous clean energy, renewable energy developer05/07/21 49Connie StaceyGrowing Greener Innovations, Lego-style low cost batteriesSlashing the cost of battery storage by simplifying and automating how they connectGrowing Greener InnovationsRenewable electricity, energy poverty, electricity storage, low-cost storage, green energy04/22/21 48Bill RedelmeierBiodynamic wines from Southbrook WineryOrganic biodynamic wines- healthy soil, healthy staff, delicious winesSouthbrook WineryAgriculture, organic, biodynamic, plant-based, local food,04/08/21 47Trevor KloeckHemp Fibre Co, Amazing jobs for hempFascinating jobs for hemp residues, including soil reclamation and creating stronger paper and non-plastic packagingHemp FibrePlant-based materials, reclamation, fibres, recycling, new materials03/25/21 46Gavin Pitchford, Clean50 AwardsCanada's Sustainability HeroesAwards that celebrate sustainability heroes, to accelerate collaboration towards a job-rich, cleaner, healthier, innovation based low-carbon economy Clean50Green economy, clean tech, green business, green business leaders, green awards, innovation, green business network03/11/21 45Paul BotteroInMotiveHow a better electric vehicle transmission, invented in Canada, makes electric cars lighter, faster, cheaper, and longer rangeInMotiveElectric vehicles, range anxiety, Canadian invention, Green Tech, clean tech, e-mobility02/25/21 44Mike KeilhauerKeilhauerDesigning, manufacturing and selling zero carbon, zero waste office chairs of pure, reusable materialsKeilhauerembodied carbon, zero waste, sustainable design, circular economy02/11/2021 43Jim FongerAmerescoEngineering and finance to slash the carbon footprint of existing buildings, such as schoolsAmerescoenergy efficiency, energy performance contracts, 01/28/2021 42Rebecca BlackBlack Current MarketingMarketing and strategic foresight for green economy companiesBlack Currentgreen economy, green transition, green marketing, strategic foresight01/14/2021 41David BeauvaisElectrifier SG2BRapid, accurate energy and emissions data for community energy planningElectrifierenergy, energy efficiency, energy planning, municipal energy plans, green button, energy data12/31/2020 40Brad Crapeau, Alex HaymanFoodCyclerHow to turn food waste to compost, at home, in hoursFoodCyclerfood waste, circular economy, compost, waste reduction12/17/2020 39Marc BedardLion ElectricAll electric buses and trucks - now cost competitive for heavy useLion Electricelectric vehicles, clean transportation, air quality, electric buses12/10/2020 38Darren Jones & Daygan FowlerMyHEATBeing able to SEE where heat is escaping from your house motivates action when talk doesn't. When will our utility pay for the pictures?MyHEATenergy efficiency, buildings, utilities, climate action, reduce waste12/03/2020 37Sumi ShanDunya HabitatsTiny, portable, energy efficient, beehive-shaped hydroponic units for growing vegetables anywhereSumi Shan teaseragriculture, hydroponics, food deserts, equity11/26/20 36Andrew PeelPeel Passive HouseBuilding and retrofitting buildings for maximum comfort, minimum fossil fuelsPeel Passive Housegreen buildings, passive buildings, low-carbon buildings11/19/20 35Adam CorneilUnbuildersCarefully taking buildings apart for reuse, instead of smashing themUnBuildersdemolition, construction waste, circular economy11/12/20 34Anie RouleauThe Unscented CompanyLocal, unscented soap company, on the road to plastic-freeThe Unscented Companyretail, consumer product, soap, single-use plastic11/05/20 33Peter HowardPond Technologies How to make carbon sequestration pay for itself: turning industrial CO2 emissions into algae, superfoods and profitsPond Technologies teasercarbon capture, algae, anti-oxidants, sequestration10/29/20 32Amir AlamShoe LaundryHow did a DJ who loves shoes become a sustainability entrepreneur during Covid?Shoe Laundry teasershoes, retail, cleaning, reducing waste10/22/20 31Audrey MascarenhasQuestor TechnologiesMethane destruction: reducing climate damage and air pollution for $2/ tonne. Why do Canada's regulations lag behind Mexico's?Audrey Mascarenhasmethane capture, air pollution, renewable energy10/15/20 30Gildas PoissonierDesjardins FinancialWhere can I do my banking without supporting fossil fuels?Desjardins Financialfinancial, insurance, Paris targets 10/08/20 29Steve OldhamCarbon EngineeringDirect air capture of carbon dioxide - Is it a realistic solution?Carbon Engineeringcarbon capture, enhanced oil recovery10/01/20 28Matt BrownPatagoniaHow a clothing firm slashes its carbon footprint and works to preserve our home planetPatagoniaretail, clothing09/24/20 27Greg NuttallWoodland BiofuelsComing soon: the world's cheapest liquid transportation fuel, made from construction wasteWoodland Biofuelsbiofuels, transportation fuel, construction waste reuse09/17/20 26Sarah Devika SumnauthUrban MineralsLocal-source vegan makeup startup with its first sustainability report - on hand-poured lipstickUrban Mineralsmicro business, makeup, sustainability report09/10/20 25Mike BrighamSolarshareHow did Mike Brigham build a $60 million community-owned #solarpower cooperative, SolarShare? And why is he personally funding the used #electricvehicles incentive in Ontario?SolarshareSolarshare, solar bonds, solar energy cooperative09/03/20 24Shaun LoneyAki Energy: Climate benefits and reconciliationGreen energy and efficiency social enterprise as a path to social healing and lower costs. Why is the green economy a good path forwards for people with barriers to employment?Aki Energygreen energy, efficiency, renewable energy, indigenous reconciliation08/27/20 23Bruce TaylorEfficiency: the best investmentFunding clean water in Africa by saving clients energy, water, resources and money hereEnviro-Stewardsenergy efficiency, materials efficiency08/20/20 22Catherine ThornDistrict energy scaling upHow a former municipal utility is becoming a giant in cleaner heating and cooling for many buildingsCatherine Thorn of Enwavedistrict heating and cooling, low carbon heating, thermal recycling08/13/20 21Mike AndradeInnovative solar technologyHow did Morgan Solar survive China's solar juggernaut, and stay Canadian?Morgan Solarsolar energy08/06/20 20David RobertsCanada's first net zero bus companyHow Victoria Harbour used a 15-year contract to get a net-zero bus system for cruise passengersNet zero bus companynet zero buses, clean transportation, electric vehicles07/30/20 19Jocelyn MolyneuxWorm farming, soil boostingCollecting office food waste, and feeding it to 1,000,000 worms to make plant food Jocelyn Molyneuxagriculture, organic waste07/23/20 18Yuill HerbertSustainability Solutions Group Workers' cooperative consulting firm that helps create decarbonized, equitable, healthy cities for everyoneSustainability Solutions Groupenergy planning, co-operative, municipal energy plans07/16/20 17Sean DrygasBullfrog Power Canada's green energy retailer, so I can heat and light my home without fossil fuelsBullfrog Power low carbon electricity and gas, retail07/09/20 16Cara ClairmanPlug’n’DrivePlug'n'Drive stokes public passion for driving electric vehicles, often by letting people try onePlug’n’Driveelectric vehicles07/02/20 15Trish NixonRenewable energy investment for everyoneCoPower's green bonds allow almost everyone to put the planet in their portfolioTrish Nixon, CoPowergreen bonds06/25/20 14Jennifer WagnerPutting carbon into concreteCarbonCure's amazing technology saves money by using CO2 to make concrete strongerCarbonCurelow-carbon concrete, carbon sequestration06/18/20 13

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