International Women’s Day

Hurrah, it is International Women’s Day.

Remember the groundbreaking Paris Agreement of 2015? It was women like Christina Figureres, the visionary and collaborative leader of the UNFCCC who made that Agreement possible. Today, I salute all the women leaders who care more and do more. I am proud to stand among you.

Today I am participating in many events to encourage women to step up and speak up. If you are a woman, that includes you.

Now, in 2022, women are still underrepresented at all levels of decision-making. It’s way too late for women’s voices to be so widely overlooked, undermined, and claimed by others. Male leaders may be bigger and louder, but they don’t necessarily make us safer. In fact, decades of research shows that political decision-making is better when women lead, and when there’s a critical mass of women at the table.

Most women get into politics to advance a cause, whereas men commonly do it to wield power. Women are less full of themselves, more willing to reach across party lines and to listen to contrary views around the table to solve the greater issues of our times.

On our climate and environmental crises, which threaten the survival of everything we care about, women care more and do more.

Women are the majority of the adult population. We can get far more women elected as our leaders if we decide to do it. Campaigns are mostly won by donations and volunteers. Those who show up are the ones who affect the result. Donate as much time, treasure, ties and talent as you can to the candidate(s) of your choosing. Start NOW. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. If we want a better future, we have to make it ourselves.

There’s a great opportunity right now here in Ontario, because there’s a provincial election in less than three months. To help send me to Queens Park, sign up at And do read my interview in the SustainabilityX Magazine!

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