Massey is Missing COP26 climate conference

Massey is Missing COP26 climate conference



Massey is #MissingCOP26 Climate Conference#

COP26, the annual global climate conference of experts, governments, business and civil society, was scheduled to be held November 9-20, 2020. As the fifth such meeting since the critically important 2015 Paris Agreement, COP26 is to be pivotal in assessing progress and in strengthening commitments to slow global heating while it is still possible to preserve a stable climate.


Due to the pandemic, the official COP26 has been postponed until November 2021, and much attention has been diverted from climate action to COVID–19. But the climate crisis is still gaining speed, and the window for preserving a stable climate is closing. What can be done to lay the groundwork for a successful COP26 next year?


Massey is #MissingCOP26 so Massey College wants to do something about it. As part of the College mandate to contribute wisely to the public good, I was asked to help put on a free five-part virtual climate conference from November 9-19, 2020 to build strategic momentum towards a powerful Canadian role at COP26 in 2021.



Massey College has a long tradition of making meaningful contributions to public discourse in Canada, through the Massey Lectures, the Massey Dialogues and otherwise, provoking debate and discussion in a setting of excellence and achievement. Massey Senior Fellows have had extraordinary careers at the highest levels of science, medicine, technology, philosophy and law, and many Massey Junior Fellows go on to have the same.

The conference is co-sponsored by the Royal Ontario Museum, the David Suzuki Foundation, the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History, the Canadian International Council and the World Refugee Migration Council. We expect a diverse and influential audience from across the country. 


Massey is Missing COP26 has five elements, all of which would have been present at the official COP26. We focus them on Canada and the role it will play at COP26, now scheduled for November 2021. Join us for these invigorating discussions with thought leaders across Canada, take action in your own life, and then ask your political representatives to act on what you have learned.


Please go HERE for details and to register.