Blockbuster report from International Energy Agency, Net Zero by 2050

Last week, a blockbuster report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), Net Zero by 2050, confirmed that virtually everything Doug Ford has done on energy policy is taking us in the wrong direction.

This is a big deal. You know the tide is turning when mainstream energy organizations, like the IEA, long dominated by oil and gas, are calling on governments to immediately stop investments in oil and gas. The path to Net Zero by 2050, to give  the world a chance to keep global heating below 1.5˚C, “requires immediate and massive deployment of all available clean and efficient energy technologies” and stopping new investments in fossil fuels. Doug Ford's Conservatives have done exactly the opposite.

What we need What Ford’s Conservatives have done instead rapid scaling up of solar and wind power cancelled 752 clean power projects, mostly solar and wind, driving solar and wind companies out of the province limiting the burning of fossil gas poured public money into making more dirty electricity from fossil gas energy efficiency slashed energy efficiency programs carbon pricing spent $30 million in a losing fight against carbon pricing 60% of all new vehicles electric by 2040 Cancelled incentives to buy electric vehicles, tore out EV charging stations at Metrolinx stations major investments in new clean technologies cancelled much of Ontario's funding for new clean technologies Reduce highway speeds Increased highway speeds

Renewable energy is cheaper, more feasible and more accessible than ever before.  The net zero transition can create millions of good jobs and improve air quality and human health.

But, because of Doug Ford and his Conservatives, Ontario is going in the wrong direction.We’re missing out on a huge economic opportunity and the chance for good, clean jobs that will benefit the future of Ontarians and the planet.

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