Hear and see some of Dianne’s media coverage:


BNN Bloomberg with Amanda Lang, on increasing jobs by building back better, investing in a green recovery instead of in fossil fuels. Also, The decision of the Supreme Court of Canada upholding approval of the TransMountain pipeline, TMX. July 2, 2020

CBC News Network’s Carole MacNeil spoke with Dianne Saxe, former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, about the Liberal and Conservative policy proposal announcements on home energy efficiency. Why did the Liberals get A-, but the Conservatives a D?

CBC The National, November 8, 2019. Communicating The Climate Crisis

CBC The National, August 8, 2019. The Climate Crisis and Food – what’s at stake, and what we can do about it, by changing what we eat, how we grow it, and how much of it we throw away. Minutes 23 to 28.

TVO, The Agenda, Climate Accuracy, Activism and Alarmism, July 30, 2019. Powerful, direct language about the #ClimateCrisis is accurate, not “alarmist”. We all ought to be alarmed – I am terrified.

CBC News, May 29, 2019: yet more problems with plastic recycling and why it’s time to tax or ban plastic carrier bags, as Victoria and other municipalities have done.

TVO, The Agenda with Steve Paiken, December 7, 2018, our environmental guardian,


Metro Morning January 3, 2020: Two years after China closed off imports of mixed plastics and paper for recycling (the China Sword), what has happened to Canadian recycling programs? Why does the provincial government need to ban many single use plastics and mandate minimum recycled content in new plastics?

CBC The House, June 14, 2019, Ontario’s lack of climate action could throw all of Canada out of alignment with international commitments, the province’s former environment commissioner warns

Planet Haliburton, May 27, 2019, Ford’s Hard Reverse on the Environment.

CBC Superior Morning, May 14, 2019, why Climate Changes Everything.  

Amanda Lang Exponential May 12, 2019: “Dianne Saxe, Saxe Facts/Strategic Advice and Presentations, Climate, Energy, and Environment, was the 5th Environmental Commissioner of Ontario — a post she accepted in 2015 after decades of work as a globally recognized environmental lawyer. This year the premier of Ontario scrapped the office altogether. I talked to Saxe recently about the significance of that loss.”

CBC Ottawa Morning on May 3, 2019, as floodwaters rise.  Weird weather? We haven’t reached a new normal – climate change is just gathering speed.

The Sunday Edition, April 14, 2019: Conversation with Michael Enright about the exaggerated faith Canadians have in recycling, Listeners’ enthusiastic feedback on April 28, starting at 2:13,

Cross Country Checkup April 7, 2019: Is a carbon tax the best solution to slow down climate change?

Metro Morning April 2, 2019: The Environment Commissioner of Ontario is kaput. The last Commissioner to hold the post — Environmental lawyer Dianne Saxe — talks about the role of an independent watchdog to help keep the Government honest in a very tough time for climate and the environment:


The Carbon Majors, climate liability and the tobacco cases. Published in Canadian Legal Newswire, November 2019.

10 principles to guide the transition to a green economy. Given the climate emergency, can Canadians overcome the political obstacles to dramatically reducing their dependence on fossil fuels? 

Climate crisis puts corporate boards on the hot seat, Toronto Star Op Ed, August 25, 2019

“It’s time to call climate change what it is – an emergency – and act accordingly” – Corporate Knights, May 10, 2019

CBC News online: Why is Canada getting warmer so much faster than the rest of the world?

Climate change is hitting northern Ontario faster. Sudbury CBC, January 7, 2019


Toronto Centre: my interview with Anatol Monid (formerly of Financial Services Commission of Ontario about the significance of climate risks for financial and banking supervisors around the world, June 2020.

Tangents, based in Hamilton Ontario, December 2019, shortly after the Ford government foolishly cancelled Hamilton’s long-planned and much-needed Light Rapid Transit line.

QP Briefing, May 26, 2019. “Ontario’s former environmental commissioner, Dianne Saxe, joins the QP Briefing podcast to talk about the environment, climate change and life after the provincial government shuttered her office …. She sheds some light on what she’s hearing from Ontarians as she travels across the province and how she doesn’t think Ontario will reach a 30 percent greenhouse gas emissions reduction target by 2030 with current policies. She also talks about the need for both individual and collective action on climate change, saying that individual action is an important place to start, but a “terrible place to stop.””

PV Buzz, May 22, 2019: “Dianne Saxe joins THE INTERVIEW with to discuss her role in making her office matter to Ontarians and the part solar plays in Ontario’s electricity mix.”